Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

Is it just me, or have the various photo challenges and writing challenges been unusually challenging lately? Anyhow, this time the Weekly Photo Challenge from WordPress asks us to illustrate “merge”.

Niagara Falls: Where water and air merge

By the way – can you see the little blue things on the top of the boat? Those are people (all wearing blue plastic capes handed out as you board), on their way toward the base of the falls. Niagara Falls is BIG.

7 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

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  2. Ah, Sharon, you’re taking me back home. 🙂
    This is a very cool shot – I like the fade of the Falls into the mist, there. It lends the picture this beautiful kind of strangeness.
    I have friends who go, “eh,” when I mention the Falls. But, just like with watching waves, whenever I really look at the Falls, they’re beautiful, no matter what side I see them from. Nice job capturing that majesty!

    • Thank you – sometimes I think I post too many Niagara photos, but the Falls are one of the places in the world that go beyond beautiful all the way to awe-inspiring. And then there’s the utterly overwhelming experience of being near them and feeling the mist and hearing the roar of falling water…

  3. Well I’ve never seen a shot of the falls from this angle so I think its cool! And, your interpretation is unique once again 🙂
    Agree with you about the challenges, 100wcgu is really tough tonight!

    • I must have covered at least a mile of the walkway along the Canadian side of the falls, taking pictures all the way – from below the US falls up to a little past the point where the water shoots past the edge of the Canadian falls and discovers, too late, that there’s no more rock beneath it! (Not to mention the shots I took from the boat you see in this photo.)

      And yes, 100wcgu is the hardest I’ve seen yet!

  4. We were just there a couple weeks ago – Maid of Mist – love it.

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