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100 Word Challenge: Another view

Julia’s 100 Word Challenge for Grownups strikes again! This week, we’re asked to add 100 words of a story to this prompt

… would seven prove to be too much? …..

And here’s my attempt:

Another View

Selfish, silly, sneaky – what can one expect of a girl raised from birth by servants? I moved too fast from stranger to stepmother to, I hoped, mother, and made all worse.

If kindly firmness will not teach conduct becoming a princess, perhaps shock will. Away from the palace, forced into a life with very strange strangers…yes.

Now, how many guards and tutors – three or four? No, too easy to trick. Would seven prove to be too much? I think not, and I must risk it, for now her father is angry. If I do nothing, his wrath will fall on one or both of us, me or Snow White.

Travel Themes – Leading Lines

Well, just like Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack, I’ve been traveling for a few days – so her theme of the moment, Leading Lines, fits just fine with my most recent photos.

I’ll probably do a post on our trip soon, but meanwhile, here are a few shots:

Steam locomotive leaving the turntable of the Roundhouse at Steamtown, Scranton, PA. Roundhouses were built as repair sheds for trains.

“It’s dark as a dungeon, way down in the mine…” We had the great luxury of visiting this old coal mine as tourists instead of as workers.
A hard way to make a living.

Going home…to the left, the old Delaware Canal, a superhighway of its time (around 1830). Canals were wildly popular for providing a smooth ride and relatively fast transport – until they were put out of business by railroads.

And crossing the Delaware River with New Jersey to the left and Pennsylvania to the right, and the river leading south to Trenton, NJ, then to Philadelphia, and on to the Atlantic Ocean and the world. This photo is a demonstration of how limited cameras are compared to the human eye; I took it less than 24 hours ago, and I remember clearly how green the trees on the banks looked. Even with a little editing, I can’t get the photo to show them as much more than greenish-black without washing out the river and the sky.