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Traveling to Pink (Travel Theme, March 21 2014)

I went looking for photos of “pink” to illustrate this week’s travel theme from Ailsa. You’d think I would have plenty of local pink pictures – we normally have lots of pink spring flowers here. But the first really good image of pink I found, after searching for quite a while, comes from almost a third of the way around the world.

PinkFlowersKrkaFallsCroatiaJune2010I don’t know what these flowers are. All I can tell you is that I found them at Krka Falls in Croatia, and that they’re extremely pink.

Thursday Haiku – March 20, 2014

A month late, but here it is, the first sign of spring –


Have you been hiding
In that deep snow? No matter.
I’m glad to see you.


Warm Wordless Wednesday – At Least This Monday’s Snow Melted


Thursday Tanka, March 13 2014


I pull up weeds and
The next day, they sprout again.
I dust – windowsills
Go back to black….And grass bores
Green through smothering asphalt.

Grass growing through pavement? Yes, I have seen exactly that happen. A gym I went to regularly tried to enlarge their parking lot, but the contractor did a careless job, and just dumped fresh hot asphalt next to the existing pavement without digging up the weeds first. Next week, there were little cracks and holes in the new asphalt. The week after, foot-tall stalks of grass were poking through the pavement. It was hard not to cheer them on.


Another Warm Wordless Wednesday – March 12, 2014



Warm Wordless Wednesday – March 5, 2014