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A Floral Puzzle

OrangeDayliliesPeople are perfectly willing to grow ordinary orange daylilies which can fend for themselves happily as wildflowers.

So why doesn’t anybody grow Queen Anne’s Lace?

20130807QueenAnnesLaceIt’s hardy (at least in my part of the world); to put it another way, you just can’t seem to kill it. And it’s pretty. Seriously, why isn’t it a popular garden flower? Does anybody out there know?

Look At My Babies Grow!

So far so good…

SeedlingsJustSproutingThe peppers are just sprouting, at last.

SeedlingsFirstPairOfLeavesMost of the tomatoes are already growing their first pair of true leaves. (The “leaves” that you see when they begin to grow are really part of the seed.)