100 Word Challenge: Legacy

This week, Julia presented us with a one-word prompt – “legacy” – for the 100 Word Challenge for Grown-ups.


It lands in your life with a thud. Legacy. Leg-uhsee. “Your great-aunt Alberta left you everything,” says the lawyer. “With conditions.”

I nod, but I want to scream Why? I never MET her!

“Apparently you’re the only relative who didn’t annoy her. At any rate, you get several hundred thousand. After taxes. But.”


“You are required to live in her house. Um, it’s not habitable. You’re required to fix it. Empty it.”

Aunt Alberta, I learn, was a hoarder. Never gave up anything, until death dispossessed her. And now it’s all mine. Every silver teapot and used paper towel. My legacy.

12 responses to “100 Word Challenge: Legacy

  1. Used paper towels, what an image that creates! I love it and can just imagine what it would be like to move into a hoarders house!

    • A shuddery prospect, isn’t it? I’ve read a few articles about hoarders, and apparently there have been people who keep even stuff like that, mixed in with things that are (or were once) valuable.

  2. I love that intro: Leg-uh-see. ! 😀 The voice is so distinct in this one, Sharon. I also really like the character’s stubborn recalcitrance, even at the front. And then, to have it confirmed by such detail…! Used paper towels…. Great work! 🙂

    • Thanks! I suppose it’s always disruptive to inherit something substantial, when you expected to sail along planning your own life. And this isn’t going to be a windfall she can just bank and forget. 😦

  3. Double edged legacy there. I think we went along similar lines this week. Nicely done.

  4. You’re the only relative who didn’t annoy her. Lol. And I love the idea of a house chockful of silver teapots…and paper towels.

  5. Ha ha – I love the line about her being the only person that didn’t annoy Great Aunt Alberta!

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