Daily Archives: August 26, 2012

Jakesprinter – From a Distance

Jakesprinter hasĀ another weekly challenge for us – a “long shot” or “distance shot”. He remarks that these shots are “often used to show scenes of thrilling action in a war film or disaster movie.” My picture is peaceful in the extreme, but about 150 years ago the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg was fought in very similar countryside.

This is a typical view of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania as it looked yesterday – actually, it’s typical of rural central Pennsylvania in general, any summer.

I spent most of my childhood not very far away from Lancaster County, and this kind of scenery has had a strong effect on what I expect the world to look like – for example, roads should twist and turn up and down rolling hills. And I find it hard to take a barn seriously unless it’s at least twice the size of the associated house. (The white building with the silvery metal roof just to the right of center in this picture is a barn – the red-roofed white building, half hidden behind a tree, to the barn’s left is the house.)

More photos of Lancaster County to come soon…