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I meant to have some interesting stuff to post today. I really did. I even stopped on the way home from the dentist yesterday – getting an old filling replaced – to take some photos for Myfanwy Hart’s 100 step series.

Then I got home and discovered that my camera had somehow vanished into thin air after I nestled it carefully next to my coat on the car seat. (Well, either that or I put it down on a Flat Surface and have been looking straight at it without seeing it. Which is obviously impossible no matter how many times I’ve done it before.) Anyway, there are a lot of promising brand new shots on my camera, wherever it is, that I can’t show you without locating it.

So one of the projects for this afternoon was to FIND the camera. Instead, to everybody’s surprise, I spent the afternoon back at my dentist’s getting a (different) broken tooth patched up until it can be crowned.

First world problems. But frustrating.