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Six word Saturday…Gobble, gobble…

Suburban wild turkey


and two more


Trick or Treat…


We’re moving. In a week and a half, the movers will show up and carry furniture away.

We’re not going far though, so it seemed to make sense to provide candy for trick-or-treaters at both houses. My husband stayed at our old (current) place, and I headed off to the new one.

Now, there are never very many kids going around collecting goodies on this street; on a busy Halloween, we might get as many as eight. The new block is different.

At first, I started to think all the children on that street were going to skip our house (it’s been empty for a while). A group of about a dozen almost passed me by, until one of their leaders – a girl of ten or eleven – glanced down the driveway as they passed. She did a double take, called her friends back, and pointed excitedly at my car. A minute later, they were all scrambling up the front steps.

Things picked up after that. Four or five young kids watched over by a father who stayed down on the sidewalk and waved to me as they left. A few elementary school age youngsters. A little boy, about three, who had given up and was headed back to his mommy by the time I opened the door; she had to coax him into turning around and trying again. Another large group of kids, this one escorted by several parents. A cluster that looked like one large group of fifteen or so, but split up as they left – I think more and more kids noticed and joined in as the first, smaller, batch was collecting their candy. All in all, I passed out goodies to forty or more children, and at least that many went by the front door without trying the house. I think we’ll have a busy Halloween next year. (Meanwhile, my husband had one, count ’em, one trick or treater.)

Oh, and that horse? Skeleton horse? Not mine. It’s standing next to a house around the corner from here.