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Sandy. It’s over, except for the cleanup.

Random thoughts about this week’s hurricane.

I gather there’s been serious destruction – mostly from flooding? – at the Jersey Shore. So sad for the people who have lost homes and belongings. And apparently the New York City subway system flooded, as predicted; a serious nuisance, but since they had the forethought to shut down ahead of time, not a catastrophe.

Sandy, in the end, came through a little bit south of us – but it was such a huge storm, I don’t think a few miles made much difference. (Atlantic City apparently took a direct hit; that’s where the storm made landfall.) Monday, here, was dramatic but not terrifying (indoors, at least). Steady rain, heavy sometimes; lashing trees; a constant roar of wind that sounded like you were standing next to a passing train.

Until the power failed Monday afternoon, we kept checking the news on local television. Governor Christie of New Jersey and Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia probably rarely agree on anything, so it was amusing to hear them use the same words: “Don’t be stupid!” in addressing people who were refusing to evacuate from areas that tend to flood.

Ah, power failures. God bless the folks from PSE&G (south Jersey) and PECO (Philadelphia) and the other power companies who have been out getting things back to normal. Our electricity went off and on and off and on and definitively off Monday afternoon. And then it was very dark and very cold, in spite of sweatshirts and flashlights, until sometime late last night or early this morning.

Right now, I can’t help noticing what a marvel it is to have bright light when you want it, where you want it, and to be comfortably warm, all the way to the tips of your toes. For thousands and thousands of years, no amount of wealth and power could buy those little everyday luxuries. There’s a lot to be said for technology.