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End of January Haiku

Snow starts to melt – shows
Brown grass, unraked leaves. Lovely
Mud promises warmth?


Warm Wordless Wednesday – January 29, 2014


Travel theme: Wood – January 28, 2014

And another of Ailsa’s travel themes!

I took these pictures a little over ten years ago in Canterbury, England. The salvaged wooden sculptures seemed to be meant to gradually return to the earth, so they may be long gone by this time…

(Click on any of the pictures to see the gallery full size.)

Friday Fictioneers: Little Houses

Friday Fictioneers time again!

(And don’t miss your chance to read all the other Fictioneer stories.)

bjc3b6rn-19Little Houses

Lilly is playing beside the mountain with the little houses. The mountain is as tall as Lilly. Her brother Brad is bigger.

“Silly Lilly. Messing with the mud.” Brad kicks at the mountain.

“Stop it! You’re gonna hurt the little people.”

“There’s no little people, Silly Lilly.”

“Is too. See their houses?”

“There’s no houses. Just sticks and stones.” Brad kicks again.

“Stop it!” Lilly hits Brad.

“Mom! Lilly hit me!”

“He started it!”

“Oh, stop it, you two. Lilly, you’re a mess. Go put clean clothes on. Brad, get your stuff for soccer practice.”

Mom pulls them into the house. Lilly waves bye-bye. Nobody else sees the little people bustle out of their houses to make repairs. Nobody else sees them wave to her.

Quote of the day…

…from this evening’s weather report: “You know it’s a cold day when even the Canada geese look cold.” *

Illustrated by someone’s photo of half a dozen geese with their feathers fluffed so much they looked like balls, and with those long necks pulled down somehow to make them look like their heads grew directly out of their shoulders. They did look cold.

* Cecily Tynan, Channel 6, Philadelphia


Warm Wordless Wednesday


One of the reasons I don’t like winter

It started to snow here about quarter of ten this morning. By lunchtime, the front steps and the walk were covered with an inch or two of fluffy snow, so I went out with a broom and thoroughly cleaned everything off.

The snow kept falling.

About forty-five minutes later, I took another look outside. There was no sign that anyone had cleared the steps since the house was built over fifty years ago. The snow kept falling.

Right now, it’s ten o’clock at night. It’s been snowing for nearly twelve hours. It’s not expected to stop till dawn. There’s a large lump of snow in the driveway that probably has my car underneath, and there’s a slope down from my front porch that just might be covering some steps. Various levels of local government are begging or advising or ordering people to stay off the roads so the snowplows can work, and really nobody with any sense would want to go out tonight unless they absolutely had to.

And the snow keeps falling.


Warm Wordless Wednesday


Saturday’s Friday Fictioneers: After the Storm

Back to Friday Fictioneers at last…

c2a9dawn_q-_landauAfter the Storm

The third day out, we saw something red far off. “It’s a beacon,” Jim said.

“So?” I was too seasick to care. “We don’t know what it means.”

“It means land. That’s good enough. Now, get up and help with the lines.”

Jim had me hopping back and forth across that little boat releasing ropes on one side and pulling them tight on the other while he zigzagged through the water. He swore that’s how sailboats travel. I told him it’s stupid.

Eventually we came close enough to see the derelict red house. “Beacon, huh?” I said. “Now what, genius?”

“Now?” he said tiredly. “Now I’m sick of you on my boat. Suppose you swim home.”


Oh the weather outside is frightful with freezing rain – time for Warm Wordless Friday