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It’s about to get screnzied around here

Script Frenzied, that is. April is the time for a shared marathon of writing scripts for plays or movies or TV shows or graphic novels – a spinoff of November’s NaNoWriMo, where the idea is to write a rough draft of a short novel in a month.

I know just about nothing about writing scripts. But why let that stop me?

And luckily – unlike NaNoWriMo, where the honor system rules call for a completely new story – Script Frenzy allows for adaptations. And I have just the thing to adapt – a story I started for NaNo several years back which got stalled partly because parts of it (lots of it) turned out to be much more visual than I could handle in prose at that point.

Let’s see how it works as a graphic novel. I already know how the first page will start, with a confusing high-altitude view of – something – and then several zooms and cutaways that clarify what we’re seeing and show that our viewpoint character is a vaguely batlike flying humanoid. And things get a little complicated after that.

Yes, I do like science fiction. Why do you ask?