Daily Archives: August 24, 2012

100 Word Challenge: Happy birthday

This week, Julia has challenged us to produce something in honor of her son’s 36th birthday. To make it easier not easy at all, she’s provided a photo prompt:

At first I thought of trying to write some verse – always popular in the world of birthday cards. Sadly, I realized that my doggerel would be a dreadful insult to the lovely lady in the prompt, so I retreated to the very finest advice-book prose:

Happy Birthday to You

Now that you’re all grown up…

It’s time to learn how to dress in a tasteful and mature way.

  • Your hair should always be well groomed.
  • Cats-eye glasses frames are a timeless classic look, and especially stunning if you choose a color that complements your own fur.
  • Always accessorize carefully, not too much or too little. A simple choker will put the final touch on your image, without the stuffiness of an “old-school” tie.
  • Last, but by no means least, just a hint of tongue adds that je ne sais chat that will make you the envy of everyone you meet!

* * *

….evilly cackling back at Julia….