Daily Archives: August 15, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

I had trouble with this Weekly Photo Challenge – probably because I took the sample picture too seriously. It appears to show something “wrong” that the photographer didn’t notice until after taking the picture, and how often do we luck into shots like that? (I do have one around someplace – I didn’t realize until long afterwards that it includes the sight of a man being quietly frisked by a guard outside Buckingham Palace – but it dates back to the dear dead days of film, and without lots of dumb luck, I would need more than a week to locate that picture!)

So I had pretty much resigned myself to skipping this week’s challenge. And then I happened across this shot:

This was taken on the outskirts of ancient Ephesus in Turkey. As you can see, there are all sorts of hopeful souvenir vendors waiting for business. What you might not notice at first, given the shadow of the tree, is the oddly honest sign advertising “Genuine Fake Watches”!

I can’t quite decide whether that’s just plain wrong, or whether it has a sort of postmodern meta-rightness. Anyway, taking the picture was irresistible.