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Wordless Wednesday – August 19, 2015


Sightseeing, if you can…

A few weeks ago we went on a short vacation, just to run away from home and look at unfamiliar scenery. One of our plans was to follow the Skyline Drive, which meanders down the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia.

There are lots of places to pull off and look down at the valley on either side of the mountains – farms, little towns here and there, and always forest.

20150728SkylineDrive04Unfortunately, as we drove on the valley below filled with fog.

20150728SkylineDrive05Then we had to crawl slowly through some road construction

20150728SkylineDrive06and finally the fog climbed up the mountain and surrounded us. The whole point of the Skyline Drive is scenery, and we couldn’t see any. So we headed downhill at the first exit and went to Luray Caverns instead.

20150728EnteringLurayCavernsWe were underneath the Shenandoah Valley instead of looking down on it from a mountaintop, but the view was a lot better.


Warm Wordless Thursday


Travel themes: Short

This week’s theme at Where’s My Backpack is “short”. Ailsa has some great photos of shortness – don’t miss her post! And then, of course, share your own short pictures. But, to keep this from getting too long, here’s my photo:

ShortGreekFlowersNo, I don’t know what these flowers are – only that they grow low to the ground on the Greek island of Corfu.


Warm Wordless Wednesday


Weekly Travel Stone Horizon

This week, Ailsa is asking us for travel photos showing “Stone”. Ooh good, I have lots of pictures like that! On the other hand, the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge wants “Horizon” pictures – and I have plenty of those, too.

What to do, what to do…

How about pictures showing off both themes?

ChacoRuins8Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. In the distance, you can see a cliff; roughly rectangular blocks of stone have fallen at its base. Close up, a cluster of the enigmatic Chaco ruins, carefully built of roughly rectangular blocks of stone.

ChacoRuins2When Chaco was inhabited, about a thousand years ago, travelers approaching the area must have struggled to tell the buildings from the cliffs behind them.

Wordless Wednesday, October 23, 2013



Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

This week, WordPress is asking for “inside” photos – and you can’t get much farther inside than a cave…

InsideLincolnCaverns1A couple of months ago, we visited Lincoln Caverns in western Pennsylvania.

InsideLincolnCaverns2There are unlikely sights inside the solid-looking earth under our feet.

Animals on vacation

Well, all right, the animals weren’t on vacation. But we were when we saw them week before last, so here they are.

First, of course, there was the damselfly who hitched a ride on my husband for several minutes – a long, long time for a creature who usually only alights for a few seconds. But the big excitement, for both sides, during that hike was coming around a bend in the trail and surprising a wild turkey with eight or ten babies.

20130726WildTurkeysMama dove into the bushes right away. The babies milled around, confused, for a minute or two, and then most of them followed mama into hiding. Two or three just didn’t get the idea and went on running down the path ahead of us with a peculiar high-stepping gait. (They were at, or a little past, the extreme limit of what my camera could focus on, unfortunately.)

20130727RoosterThe next day, we visited Old Bedford Village – a somewhat ersatz version of a 1700’s / 1800’s town using old buildings from the area whose owners didn’t want them any more – and met this rooster (and his harem of two hens).

20130727RoosterPosingEvery five minutes or so he stood up as tall as possible, arched his neck, and flapped his wings. Who da man? He da man! The hens didn’t seem very impressed.

20130727HorseThis horse stuck its head out to wait hopefully for horse snacks, but we had nothing to offer.

And then there were the most important animal inhabitants of Old Bedford Village (just ask them) – the white and tan calico cat and the enormous black and dark brown striped Maine Coon cat. I would show you photos of them, but it’s not polite to pet a cat with one hand and set off a flash in its face with the other, and they were both determined to be petted. So just imagine the biggest, friendliest pair of cats you ever met, and you’ll get the idea.

One picture from our vacation, anyhow

Well, two. Because I’ve been too overloaded (and disorganized) to get a more complete post up.

PaulAndDamselflyDamselfly on hat on husband