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Friday, and Problems

If you see this post, it will be because my mother is not well at all and I have to be away taking care of her. In that case, well, I’ll resume posting when I can.


No-Talk Thursday


Daily Prompt: Say Your Name – or something that vaguely resembles it

Is this the face of a Karen Cheryl? Apparently it is.

Is this the face of a Karen Cheryl? Apparently it is.

Today, WordPress wants to know what we think of our first names – “Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?

My first name. Sharon. It’s been a nuisance since I was seven years old. I have no idea how my parents chose it – I was all grown up before I met anyone with the same name, which may have something to do with the ways in which it’s been a problem.

You see, a lot of the people I meet just can’t seem to remember what my name is. I suppose the variations could tell me something about the other person – maybe the ones who insist on calling me “Cheryl” lose interest fast, before the second syllable. And the ones who think I’m really “Karen”? It must take a while for them to grasp what you’re telling them.

Or, of course, they might just never have met a Sharon before, and plug in a name they are familiar with. At least nobody has ever managed to jumble Cheryl and Karen and started calling me Karyl (pronounced Carol). Then again, maybe they do and I’m the one who fails to realize they’re talking to me.

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be Sharons. 😉

(Of course, being a Sharon has some good points – mostly because you can’t make it into a nickname. I’ve known girls who were really officially named “Sally” and “Toni” – but some teachers explained patiently to them that they were really truly actually “Sarah” and “Antoinette”, which was news to each of them.)

Silent Sunday – May 26, 2013


Travel Theme: The Four Elements

What does Ailsa of Where’s My Backpack want to see this week? Pictures featuring earth, air, fire, and water – the ancient “four elements”. Here’s my selection –

(Click on any of the pictures to see the gallery one image at a time.)

Belated NaPoWriMo – Borderlands

(NaPoWriMo was in April. I started the month planning to attempt poetry at least some of the time…but April turned out to be a high-stress and therefore low-creativity month. Ah well. I can still try out some of the suggested prompts, right?)

This is a poem of sorts inspired by the prompt for April 20 – write something using at least five words from a list.*

At the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, a large, roughly cubical, chunk of granite balances on one corner.Borderlands

So show me, where does dry land turn to ocean?
The edge is slippery, elusive, lost.
Beyond the shore, the quahogs mimic stones.
Upwind, the forest generates owls.
Let’s quarry shells and build ourselves a house
Where owls swim silent overhead all night.

* owl

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

This time, the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge asks for pictures symbolizing “escape” – either showing the feeling of being trapped and in need of escape, or showing release and freedom.

PhotoChallengeEscape_GroundsForSculptureTo me, this sculpture looks as if the red-orange shapes are being launched upward to fly freely away.

Friday Fictioneers: Out of the Woods

It’s not quite Friday yet, not for another eight hours, but that’s okay. I’m posting my 100 (and a bit) word Friday Fictioneers story now. You can too – just go to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’s Fictioneers page, read the explanation, look at the photo prompt. And share your inspiration with the world.

aqueduct-sarah-ann-hallOut of the Woods

These hills used to be full of farms. Full of people. Now they’re gone. Can’t even get bars on your phone. I wouldn’t be hiking here if this was still somebody’s field – they’d notice and come chase me out. If only.

Old stone wall. Got to sit down. I’ll, I’ll check if the strips of shirt around my ankle are holding. Check my cell. Still no bars.

Time to move on. Something white up ahead? Fence. And over there, that was a house.

And this was a road, once. Now it’s just a gap in the trees. Well, easier walking. Limping.

Check the phone first. Wait – two bars, three, here in the open?


* * *

Please let me know what you think. I love comments!


Wordless Wednesday


Weekly Photo Challenge: Philadelphia Patterns

(Actually, I’m not sure whether the “patterns” challenge is still open or not. My computer was unusable for a couple of days, and I’ve barely started to go through my backlog of email. But even if there’s a newer topic by now, at least I can come up with a post on this subject after missing half a week – so here goes.)

I photographed these patterns in Philadelphia last summer, but each of them is only a small piece of the original picture. Can you guess what the real subject was?

Pattern1Pattern 1

Pattern2Pattern 2

Pattern3Pattern 3

Pattern4Pattern 4

And here you are – the uncropped photos:

PatternBusShelterA bus shelter

PatternPhilaApartmentHouseAn apartment building

PatternStMarksLocustStA church door

PatternRittenhouseSquareFountainA fountain in Rittenhouse Square