Travel theme: Sunset. Well, twilight, anyhow.

Ailsa is asking us for pictures of “Sunset” this week, and after looking through the photos I have on hand, I think this is the best picture I have to offer – continuing with the saguaro theme from three days ago.

Here we go: Saguaros at Twilight. (Also ocotillos – I think that’s what those spidery looking plants are – and something feathery that I can’t identify. Oh, and a bird perched on an ocotillo almost in the center of the picture.)

Sorry, no sparklepires in sight.


4 responses to “Travel theme: Sunset. Well, twilight, anyhow.

  1. A touch phallic, she blushes ;-0

    • Oh well, saguaros are like that 😉 – at least until they get to be around a hundred years old and grow their first “arm”! (That’s right – according to the information at the park, if you see a saguaro with four or five arms, it’s about half a millennium old. Amazing plants.)

  2. Haha, love it, and Gilly’s comment made me laugh out loud! 🙂

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