Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

This time, the theme of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is “growth”.

How does my garden grow?

From seedlings

to bigger plants

to the outside world…

…to, okay, a lot bigger than expected! I’ll have to expand the garden next year.

14 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

    • Thank you! I’m getting lots of green beans and basil out of it, and it looks like I’ll have lots of purple tomatillos, so they better turn out to be good 😉 (I bought a package of tomatillo seeds on impulse because I had never heard of purple ones.) I’m not sure if I’ll wind up with any tomatoes to eat or not.

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  2. Are they all tomatoes? How many did you plant? Here’s a little ditty my Dad used sing – Two lovely black eyes had my uncle Jim, He said someone’s been throwing tomatoes at him. Tomatoes don’t hurt you said I with a grin. Oh yes sir, they do sir when there wrapped in a tin – you need to get the Yorkshire accent right though 🙂

    • Cute! (And I can’t do a Yorkshire accent, even inside my head, but the rhythm works just fine in my central Pennsylvania accent!)

      As for the number of plants – there are five huge tomato plants in that picture, and some ridiculously tall basil trying to keep its head above the tomato leaves (about six basil plants right in front of the tomatoes – you can see them clearly in the previous picture), and around the edges in front are some beans and on the left some tomatillos. (This is my first try at growing tomatillos, and they’re even bigger than the tomato plants – all by themselves, they’ve spilled at least a yard / meter outside the “official” garden area.)

      Basically, if you compare the last two photos, the tomatoes have filled up all the space between themselves and the wall of the house, and about twice that far in the other direction (toward the sun). I have a great crop of tomato leaves and stalks – it’s a shame they’re not edible!

  3. Is there a load of fruit on them? could be delicious tomato chutney to make 🙂

    • Unfortunately, they seem to be working too hard to grow big plants to bother with fruit. I think there are some tiny tomatoes just starting to develop – hope they have time to ripen before it gets too cold (what an idea to worry about in August!) 😉

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  5. Impressive! That’s quite a bit of expanding you’re in for…but it looks like the results will be delicious. 🙂

  6. I’ve not been able to grow anything of significance this summer, given that the UK has been denied a summer. So I am quite envious.

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