Jakesprinter: Black and White

This week, Jakesprinter asks for black and white photos – either ones taken back when black and white film was available, or pictures edited to make them grayscale. My submission is a little different: this picture was taken in color, and is still a color photo. The day I took it, the world was black and white.

Taken during one of the several severe snowstorms we had in February 2010. It’s been edited to reduce the file size; otherwise, nothing about the original shot has been changed.

8 responses to “Jakesprinter: Black and White

  1. Thank goodness the world isn’t always like that. A good memory nudger!

  2. Great use of the black and white prompt, Sharon. Winter snowstorms somehow do manage to turn the world to grayscale.

  3. Great entry for this week theme my friend ,Thanks for sharing 🙂

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