Headaches, Part 3

All right, at this point I don’t know if I’m being self-indulgent or just responding to what people have posted in the comments. Anyhow, here’s another hundred words about that wounded World War I nurse (her name is Maud Raudabaugh, by the way; she’s from Pennsylvania).

Headaches, Part 3

“Miss! Miss!”

What now? I was so close to the stream! “Miss!” He’s scrambling down the hillside, dirtying his nice clean uniform. “Isn’t there a hospital around here?”

I laugh and laugh. “Up there!” I point at the rubble.

It takes a minute for him to understand. “But – I’ve got all these wounded men.”

He’s a bit shocky, I decide. But he does have a canteen of water. Oh, it tastes good! “Thank you,” I say, briskly, nurse-like again. “There must be some places in the world that haven’t been blown up. You’ll have to go there.”

2 responses to “Headaches, Part 3

  1. Wonderfully written! Thanks for “more”! 🙂

    Adieu, scribbler

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