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Friday Fictioneers: Losing Time

Another enigmatic photo prompt from Madison Woods for Friday Fictioneers, asking for short-short-short stories. Sometimes, when I’ve seen old towns like this, I start to wonder what century I’m in…

Losing Time

All these narrow white streets look alike. Jake’s lost, but who cares? Everybody speaks some English – when he meets a local, he’ll get directions.

Lysandros hurries, hoping to get to market before heat taints today’s fish. A wrong turn takes him into a street where strange humming beasts lurk in metal cages. And here’s a ridiculously dressed barbarian babbling at him.

Jake blinks at the man in an ancient khiton. Some sort of pageant? But the local won’t answer questions and gawks as if Jake looked strange, so he hurries on. Soon he meets a procession leading an ox to sacrifice. No one speaks English.

Lysandros comes to the harbor, but it’s changed. The barbarian has cursed him. He’s trapped in a world of garbled Greek.  The gods have fled their ruined temples.

* * *

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