Daily Archives: October 20, 2012

100 Word Challenge: So Soon?

Julia’s given us another challenging phrase to spark 100 words of very short fiction – this week, we’re asked to tell a story of normal life based on

…it can’t be that time….

Here’s the kind of thing my head is likely to come up with for “normal life”. Please give me your opinion of it –

So Soon?

It can’t be that time, can it? Lately it’s been just like vacation. I haven’t been working half as hard as usual, and I sleep so deliciously late in the morning. So how can it possibly be autumn already? Nonsense. I’m going to keep clinging tight to my branch. So there.

“Just look at your beautiful new dress,” whispers my twig.

What new dress? Why, I’m all red! “It’s very pretty,” I say politely, “but I’m supposed to be green.”

“Green’s for ordinary days. Not the big event,” the twig answers. “Just think, you’re going to fly! I never get to fly.”

And just then, I do! I fly away, so free.