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Friday Fictioneers: On the Bus

A fond farewell to Madison Woods as the host of Friday Fictioneers. Madison, thank you so much for your work inspiring and bringing together all these different 100-word stories! And a big thank you also to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for picking up the Fictioneers torch.

As always, I’d like to know what people think of my story this week –

On the Bus

Mom doesn’t like me to take the cheap bus, but a college student has to pinch pennies somewhere. Eventually the driver shows up, yawning and red-eyed. Makes me just a little nervous, but after he disappears into the men’s room for a few minutes he looks a lot more alert.

We shuffle onto the bus and find seats. I’m up near the front with my backpack between my feet. The old man beside me grumbles about that, but hey, I paid for my ticket just like he did. The bus pulls out half an hour late – then we speed up, start making up time. Great, really moving now.

Oh my God – the curve –