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Headaches, Part 3

All right, at this point I don’t know if I’m being self-indulgent or just responding to what people have posted in the comments. Anyhow, here’s another hundred words about that wounded World War I nurse (her name is Maud Raudabaugh, by the way; she’s from Pennsylvania).

Headaches, Part 3

“Miss! Miss!”

What now? I was so close to the stream! “Miss!” He’s scrambling down the hillside, dirtying his nice clean uniform. “Isn’t there a hospital around here?”

I laugh and laugh. “Up there!” I point at the rubble.

It takes a minute for him to understand. “But – I’ve got all these wounded men.”

He’s a bit shocky, I decide. But he does have a canteen of water. Oh, it tastes good! “Thank you,” I say, briskly, nurse-like again. “There must be some places in the world that haven’t been blown up. You’ll have to go there.”

Cee’s Foto Challenge: One Flower

And over at Cee’s Life Photography, Cee’s enjoying the spring flowers. So she’s encouraging us to share up to three pictures, each featuring just one flower. For preference, she urges us to go out right now and take some pictures. (Thanks to Jo Bryant for making me aware of Cee’s blog.)

Well. Um. October, you know? So, my first two flowers bloomed back in the first half of 2005 – other than that, they’re very different:

This orchid from the Philadelphia Flower Show is a pampered darling.

This little desert wildflower from Chaco Canyon has to be tough to survive.

And, last of all, I did go outside, about twenty minutes ago, and found this little burst of pink, blooming away in my front yard. We’ve already had frost a time or two; dianthus are determined.