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Friday Fictioneers: At the Diner

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is starting us Friday Fictioneers off with a quiet photo looking at trees through the window of a restaurant (got to be a restaurant, nobody else has those glass jars to pour sugar out of), an ordinary moment of today’s world to inspire our next 100-word snippets of fiction.

But what about someone who doesn’t quite fit into today’s world? I started wondering what a modern dryad could do –

At the Diner

“The cheeseburger special. Only no fries. I want a baked potato. And no cheese.”

“Pickle okay?” Phoebe’s feet hurt. Her hair’s slipping, a green lock drooping over her left eye.

“Hey, green girl! You gonna bring that coffee?”

“Right away, hon!”

Snatch up the coffee pot, fill cups for the truckers at Table 3. Dodge a pat on the rear. Plates for Table 6.

“Don’t know why you color your hair green,” Dani mutters.

“They remember me. Better tips.”

“More gropes. I’m gonna get out of this excuse for a town soon.”

“My roots are here.” She glances out at the trees, smiling.

* * *

Please tell me what you think of this story!