Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

This time, WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge asks for pictures that say “Urban” to us. Actually, it’s a little more complicated than that: they specify “photograph your city and the streets where you grew up”.

Well, I finally made it over to Philly this afternoon and took some random photos – more will be in a “Day Trip / Tourist at Home” post to come. But, well, I didn’t grow up in a city, so I’m going to start off with something else:

This is more like what I grew up seeing. Now, what does a city look like?

Philadelphia is tall buildings

and subways

and people relaxing in Rittenhouse Square on a pleasant late-summer afternoon.

3 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

  1. I like where you grew up. I should take pictures of where i grew up, which is not where i live now.

    • It’s very pretty…unfortunately also a bit boring to live in…oh well. Pictures of where you grew up would make a great post – they would go with the family history posts you’ve offered, wouldn’t they?

      • I stopped doing the family history post because i got busy doing something else but i wouldn’t mind having a separate Family history blog – maybe

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