Beautiful soup

I am not a soup lover. Pretty often, I’d rather go hungry. But there was something about the squash soup recipe – well, more nearly a concept than a recipe – Gilly Gee posted recently that caught my interest. And when today turned out raw and wet, and unexpectedly snowy in the morning, it seemed like a good time to try making soup.

SoupPeppersSquashSo I cut up some butternut squash

SoupCarrotOnionand some carrot and red onion

and poked holes in a few red peppers (because once in a while vegetables really DO explode in the oven. A baked potato blew up and spattered itself all over the inside of my stove years ago, and ever since I’ve been careful to stick a knife into potatoes or yams or peppers before they go into the oven.)

Just seeing the bright colors of all those goodies is enough to make you feel warm.

Then I roasted them all until they were nice and soft and slightly browned – Gilly says you don’t absolutely need to bother, but it does improve the taste. I peeled the squash and peppers and cooked them all together till they were nice and soft, and more or less pureed them in my little food processor – “more or less” because I prefer things to have a bit of texture…or to be kind of lumpy, as most people would probably say.

SoupA little more cooking to get the puree nice and hot again, and it was really very good for supper (even though I forgot the ginger; I’ll have to put some in the leftovers tomorrow). Thanks, Gilly!

13 responses to “Beautiful soup

  1. mmm.. That looks yummy.

  2. Isn’t it just the simplest and most delicious soup? I’m really impressed that you did it and hope it will turn you into a soup lover, because soup is so very quick and a good way of using up leftovers of pretty much anything πŸ™‚
    I made leek and potato yesterday and because I’m on a diet I skipped the blue cheese but it was still lush. Seeing your pics, I think its back to squash next Saturday!

    • It’s really good – roasting the veggies does take a while, but if you’re home that’s just something the stove can take care of while you do other things. (And roasted squash is much easier to peel than raw squash.) Thanks again!

  3. i’m allergic to peppers but i do make a squash and sweet potato soup

  4. Sounds wonderful. We had soup last night and it was so good!

  5. Yum. Perfect winter nourishment.

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