100 Steps: Footprints

I haven’t been posting regular entries in the 100 Steps series, but this morning’s transformed world gave me a good chance for some new photos.

Last night, we had a just-right snow storm. Well, it wasn’t just right for all the people stuck crawling home on major highways at speeds that a horse could top. But this morning, ah, this morning.

We have enough snow to make the world magically different and beautiful. Enough snow to thrill the tiny children and give the big ones a chance to go sledding – and no school to interfere, since it’s Saturday. (The snow’s too dry for snowmen.) Too little snow to make it hard to walk or drive. Too fluffy snow to be hard to clear off walks – I used a broom. Just right.

And just right to leave a record of anything that wandered past since midnight –

(Click on any picture in the gallery to see larger images.)

11 responses to “100 Steps: Footprints

  1. Love the marks, especially that white-capped snow broomer. That would be fun to interpret. Thanks for taking part.

  2. The white capped snow broomer wins by a brush!

  3. Beautiful pictures!

  4. Great narrative for the nice photo’s.

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  6. I do love a good snow storm. It just makes the whole world look new and pristine, somehow.


    • It does transform everything! In 2010 and 2011 we had several monster snows – twenty inches at a shot – and the hard work of cleaning up afterwards left me unenthusiastic about the stuff, but it is pretty.

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