Friday Fictioneers: Beach

This is probably the latest I’ve ever posted a Friday Fictioneers story without missing the week completely. Life has been hectic. Anyway, please let me know what you think.


Everybody says I need a vacation, so all right, I’ll take one. Make sure there’s nothing in the fridge that’ll spoil by the time I get back. Should I get a new swimsuit? Sandals? Sunscreen? Stop mail. Hope nothing goes sour at work – remember to bring cell. And charger. When do I have to get to the airport? Did I pack everything? Make sure I have printouts of my hotel reservation. Carryon, where’s my carryon?

Well, this is a nice walkway. Do I have my sunglasses?

Ah. Sand, sun, wave noises. I think I’ll lie right here for the next month.

31 responses to “Friday Fictioneers: Beach

  1. I want to go too! I need a vacation!

  2. You sound like a lady in need of a vacation for sure.

    • Actually, this isn’t me at all – it’s a character I made up so I could tell a story that fits the photo. 😉 I’m not much of a beach person – lying around in the hot sun gives me a splitting headache. But I’m glad the narrator struck you as really really needing a break from her usual life!

  3. Now she really needs to be there, I can imagine the tension leaving her body, well done girl!

  4. Dear Sharon,
    I did miss you this week. So I’m happy to see you here on the beach. Well your character on the beach. Sounds like she leads a hectic lifestyle. Me? I wouldn’t lie on the beach either. I’m be in that water.

  5. and i’ll have the space just down the beach – i think a holiday would be really nice right now

  6. I love that stream of consciousness. The panic ending in peace. For my part, lying on a beach all day would be a waste of a good holiday.

  7. after all the stress you went through to get there, you will need a month to unwind. it all fits the character well about not taking vacations and needed one. well done.

  8. Not strange that you are late. With a vacations starting like that I’m sure you need it. 🙂

  9. Lovely pocket of moment! Such an interesting stream of consciousness that I can easily relate to. I want a vacation too and my mind also seems to be filled with short, interrogative forget-me-not reminders 🙂

    Adieu, scribbler

  10. I read this as a horror story. The stress of preparing for a holiday can outweigh the benefits of the destination. Like Christmas. And I would hate this sort of holiday! Ann

    • To be honest, this would be a horror story for me too! Lying on the beach in the hot sun isn’t my idea of fun – more like punishment. As for stress from preparation…I think this character is the kind of person who feels that she’s not behaving correctly unless she’s torturing herself (I know people like this, and they cause a lot of stress to everyone around them!)

      • I could lie for about 10 minutes! Longer only if anaesthetised! I posted a response to another of your blog posts by the way and lost it. I will revisit! Ann

  11. PS I liked the alliteration. Could have been presented as a poem.

  12. Great contrast between the panic and the peace, the ‘ahhhh……bliss’ moment that she finally allowed in. Nicely done! 🙂

  13. That sounds like me going somewhere… but when I get there, same reaction. You captured the prompt perfectly.

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