Daily Archives: January 2, 2013

If it’s New Years Day in Philadelphia…

…it’s time for the Mummers Parade. (To be honest with you, I wasn’t at yesterday’s parade; the only things I get to see at events like that are taller people’s backs. What follows are photos from the television broadcast.)

2013Mummers01Mummers can look a little startling at first glance.

2013Mummers02And maybe more so at the second look. Yes, it’s a guy in a dress, holding a parasol, at an imitation beach bar.

2013Mummers03Being a Mummer tends to run in families – some are very, very young.

2013Mummers04The choreography and costumes are amazing. This is one of the “string bands” – you can see a couple of the musicians in the right rear of the picture. At least, you can see their instruments 😉2013Mummers05All the scenery has to be moved by hand as the groups march along, by the way – no motorized floats.

What we have here are a lot of cops and teachers and store clerks and firefighters and lawyers and, well, people in any occupation except professional actors or dancers who get together for elaborately costumed and choreographed and competitive performances. And do it again the following year with a new and different show. With feathers.