Daily Archives: January 12, 2013

Reverse 100 Thing Challenge: Day 1

Beverley over at January to December has a good description of this one – “Instead of living with only 100 things you need to remove 100 things from your home. It can be anything, anything at all. It can be clutter that as been waiting to be removed, it can be things for recycling, or things to be given to charity. You also need to remove one thing per day for 100 days.”

Well. That seems to fit in nicely with my current project of Getting Rid Of Excess Stuff. So I expect to be posting the discard of the day for the next several months – that will mean more than one post if I have something else to say; oh well.

100Days001HandfulOfPensWe have a lot of miscellaneous pens and markers in the junk drawer, so I got them all out and tested to see which ones could still write. The good/bad news is that we have about two dozen things that can be used to make marks on paper (so I’m keeping those). But I did find a handful that are past being useful. Out they go, and don’t ask why I didn’t throw them away long ago when they stopped working. 😉

Thursday’s Windows: Thank you, Sandra

I had a hard time choosing a photo for this week – the last week that Sandra Conner will be hosting her “Thursday’s Windows” series. It should be something special…but what do I have that’s different and good enough? Finally I settled on this picture –

WindowsHabitatApartment windows in Habitat 67 in Montreal – a complex made by stacking together identical concrete modules, with each individual unit made by connecting a varying number of modules. I first saw Habitat when it was one of the futuristic highlights of world’s fair Expo 67 – unlike the other fair buildings, most of which are long gone, it seems to have held up very well over the past 45 years!

Sandra, thank you for coming up with this challenge! It’s been an interesting project to participate in. I hope your life calms down a bit and that you have a blessed and happy year ahead of you.