Travel theme: Curves

Ailsa at “Where’s My Backpack?” is asking for photos showcasing curves this week. (Don’t miss her pictures!) Well, this time I’m ready!

Has anybody ever loved curvy architecture, ornamented with extra curves, more than the Victorians?

While I was exploring Philadelphia a few days ago, I got a few photos of gloriously Victorian buildings at the Curtis Institute of Music.


6 responses to “Travel theme: Curves

  1. What a beautiful building, I’d love to see all of it and know which bits are which colour. Gorgeously curvaceous Sharon!

    • Actually they’re two different buildings on the same block, with two or three others in between – one is some sort of red stone (yes, all over, at least the street frontage), with a modern red stone or colored concrete and glass building next to it, and the other is gray stone. The style of the red building and the gray building is slightly different – the red one is a bit more florid – but there’s a strong family resemblance! Glad you like them.

  2. Curvy architecture is fantastic – especially for Ailsa´s theme this week.

  3. Lovely! My sister went to Curtis!

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