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100 Word Challenge: Spilled Milk

Oh, Julia. You almost did me in with this one. I’m not sure why I found this week’s prompt so difficult, but it took a couple of false starts before I came up with this week’s story for the 100 Word Challenge for Grownups.

The prompt this week is ….as the apple fell….

Spilled Milk

The bag tore as she hobbled out of the supermarket. Eggs shattered into spilled milk. Last of all came her week’s piece of fruit. As the apple fell, the old woman burst into tears.

Other shoppers rushed to help. “Oh, honey!” An arm around her shoulders. “You come sit on the bench.” Another woman offered to replace the ruined food.

“No, no,” she sobbed. “That was all my money. I can’t pay you for it.”

“Now, don’t talk like that. If my mama, rest her soul, was here, I’d hope somebody would do the same for her.”

At last she accepted a fresh bag of food and a ride home. As they drove away, she asked, “Did you get much?”

Big grin. “Pretty soon they’ll all be wondering where their wallets went. You trained me right, mama.”