Daily Archives: September 25, 2012

100 Word Challenge: Installation

Oh, that Julia. This week she’s giving us another picture as the inspiration for 100 words worth of fiction. Well, the stranger the prompt, the more skewed the story needs to be, I suppose –


He sits on the end of the heavy rock tongue, feet dangling. The view is spectacular, perfect in every detail, he decides.

Slipping off the end of the cantilevered boulder, he drops lightly to the glass floor. Yes, there’s a little refraction where the floor curves smoothly up into the walls, but who can tell refraction from the shapes of wind-carved rock? And the curve is vital to prevent a tell-tale seam where surfaces meet. He paces around, checking for smears or scratches; no, it’s perfect.

He pulls himself back up onto the rock and trots into the cave-like entrance hall. Tomorrow, his exhibit opens. He wonders how many art-lovers will dare to explore it.