Daily Archives: September 13, 2012

Friday Fictioneers: Persistence

Annnd – it’s time again for Friday Fictioneers! Madison Woods’ photo prompt this time got me all tangled up in ideas for a while, but I ended up by spinning this yarn…


With a cheap house, you expect problems. This place? The last owners never cleaned the place, just let it get filthier and filthier.

Oh well, they couldn’t clean. You can’t sweep the floor if you pile junk head-high all over it. I lost count of the number of days clearing the living room took, and the number of dumpsters we filled.

It felt great to stand in the middle of that open space, dust and cobwebs and mildew scrubbed away, open paint cans at our feet. I dipped my brush in the paint and grinned at the wall. My grin faded. Somebody else planned to make a home here.

It clung to the corner we cleaned just an hour ago. A brand-new cobweb.

* * *

And let me throw in a true story about unlikely cobwebs – until a couple of years ago, part of my job involved repairing computers that weren’t working right. I was pretty startled the first time I opened up a case to find one corner of the system full of cobweb. Eventually I realized that PC cobwebs are routine, but I still can’t imagine what spiders find to eat in there!

And oh yes – please let me know what you think!