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100 Word Challenge: Time, time, time

I went way over the length limit this time for Julia’s 100 Word Challenge for Grownups. My only excuse is that this narrator’s getting old, and he tends to talk a lot.

This week’s prompt is

… returning to the routine,,,

and here’s my story.

Time, Time, Time

When I was a rookie cop, they assigned me a partner who was looking to retire. I hated that old man. He was the world’s worst cynic.

Back then, I figured we could clean up some of the bad actors if we got them soon enough often enough. “Don’t kid yourself, kid,” he’d say. He thought that was a big laugh. “Don’t kid yourself. I don’t know if they’re bad or just plain stupid, but nobody ever learns.”

Well, maybe the crooks don’t, but I did. It’s all in my head, every bad guy around for forty years. So when we were ready to call in the detectives for the latest body, I said to my new rookie, I said, “Tell them it’s old Lon Francesco’s work. Got his marks all over it.”

The kid looked at me funny. “Didn’t they put him away back in the seventies?” Lon was a bad one. Even wet behind the ears rookies heard of him.

“Yeah, and they just let him out.”

“Guy must be what, sixty? Seventy?”

“So? This is all he knows. He’s just returning to the routine.”

* * *

(Usual disclaimer: If there is any real person named Lon Francesco, he has no connection whatever to the career criminal in this story. I just pulled the name out of thin air; as far as I know, no such person exists.)