May2007JamestownShip3Mateys, I’m in a bad mood today. A bit piratical, out for revenge, ready to hoist the Jolly Roger and set sail and chase down the weather and make it walk the plank. It deserves it.

We had a whole series of very heavy (as in, “no, you can’t see to the other side of the street right now”) rainstorms yesterday here in the Philadelphia area. A nuisance, but there are worse kinds of weather. No, what fried my Cheetos was going upstairs in the late afternoon and discovering that it was raining inside the bedroom. On the bed. Turns out that, sometime during the recent storms, our roof developed a hole.


So here’s my pirate photo. Please picture me pacing the poop deck with a pair of pistols. And a cutlass in my teeth, not that my dentist would approve.

May2007JamestownShip2(All right, this isn’t a pirate ship. It’s a reconstruction of one of the ships that brought colonists to Jamestown, Virginia, back in the 1600s. But it’s the best I can come up with. Give me a break, okay?)

And yeah. This isn’t just a first world problem, it’s a lucky-part-of-the-first-world problem. There are lots of people in Oklahoma right now who would be glad of a house with a roof that only leaked in one room (or glad of a house with a roof, or glad of a house) and lots of people in Central Europe who would be delighted with water that gurgled away down the storm drains within ten minutes of the end of the storm instead of sticking around rising higher and higher.

But I still have a soggy bed.

10 responses to “Arrrgh.

  1. I know exactly how you feel, Sharon. Not long after we bought our house, I came home to find water running down the walls of most of the rooms on both the first and second floor! It was terrible, much like the feeling people say the get when their homes have been robbed. That would poop my deck, too!


  2. Oh dear Sharon I hope its soon fixed. It reminds me of many years ago when my bedroom seiling fell down – luckily no one was at home!

    • Thanks, Gilly – at least our ceiling is still in place! Apparently we aren’t the only people with this problem – it’s going to take a couple of days before a roofer can get around to us. I hope it doesn’t rain again while we wait.

  3. Yep, there’s something about uncontrolled water in the house that makes one feel very insecure. And the dripping noise into the buckets is really annoying too! Hope you get fixed soon.

    • You’re right about uncontrolled water – I think a broken window would have bothered me less. (Well, except that we would have had rain blowing in the window…still, it’s a planned opening in the wall.)

      Thanks! It looks like we’ll have to wait several days for our turn at a roofer – if we’re lucky, there won’t be any more rain until it’s fixed.

  4. Although that made me smile, you are right there are many people in the world today who would be glad of a roof over their head. Hope you get the leak fixed quickly sleeping in a soggy bed wont be much fun, growling at it wont help though 🙂

    • We did get it dried out – growling didn’t help, but using a fan to blow air across it for two days did. I’m crossing my fingers that we won’t get more rain before the roofer shows up!

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