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Friday Fictioneers: Poor Pitiful Pobble

This is my longest Fictioneers story ever, even after trimming – more than twice as long as the desired hundred words. Ah well. How else could you get the chance to meet a pobble?

Thank you to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting our strange tales!

copyright-el-applebyPoor Pitiful Pobble

The pobble is a fascinating animal, shy and eager to please. Rare, though, very rare – we think. What does it look like? Let me tell you a little story.

A few years back, a pobble wandered into our town. It made one big mistake: it spent the night snuggled up against the wall of a school. Morning came, and with the sunlight, lots of eight-year-olds excited about their trip to the zoo the day before.

“I wish I had a zebra with lots of stripes!” So the pobble changed its hindquarters to be black and white and stripey, because it wanted that child to be happy.

“Who wants a zebra? I want a tiger to chase the zebra.” And the pobble’s middle was covered with orange and black stripes, so it could please the second child.

“Well, I want a giraffe with a great big long neck and I could sit on its head and see right over the top of the school.” Feeling its head shoot high into the air made the pobble dizzy.

“I wish I had an elephant with a long long trunk.” That was too much. The pobble was too shy to trumpet like an elephant, but it couldn’t help letting out a faint unhappy “Bleep”.

Animal control rescued the poor thing, of course. No, you can’t see it. It’s been invisible ever since.