Arrrggghhh, Part 2

So, last Monday raindrops kept falling on my bed. And the roofer was too busy to come fix anything until next Monday (day after tomorrow, now).

(This is going to be one of those good news-bad news jokes, only not very funny.) The good news? Yesterday morning, the roofer turned up, discovered that a large branch from the maple tree next to the house had punched a hole in our roof, heaved the offending branch out of the way, and repaired the hole. That left us with some water stains on the ceiling, but basically life was good.

HoleInTheCeiling20130614Until about four o’clock. I was just settling down to read other people’s Friday Fictioneers stories when I heard a loud rumbling thud, or thudding rumble – a very strange noise. What was it? The sound of a chunk of ceiling splattering itself over the floor and the nightstand and half of the bed. Oops.

It took about five hours to clean up the mess of wet wallboard and wet insulation and to patch the hole by covering it with a four by five foot piece of plywood (with help from our local son, who came over and helped his father hold the plywood over their heads while bolting it to the ceiling joists). It’s kind of odd, right now, to walk into the bedroom and smell freshly cut wood.

Well, at least now all we have to do is move everything out of the room and find a drywall contractor who can rebuild the ceiling and parts of the walls (unfallen, but wet). It hasn’t been a good week around here, and we’re still luckier than the tornado victims in Oklahoma and the flood victims in central Europe and the hurricane Sandy victims at the Jersey shore.

12 responses to “Arrrggghhh, Part 2

  1. Oh, Sharon, I’m so sorry to hear this (and I’m sure you were sorry when you heard it, too.) There are some noises that should never be heard in houses and that’s one of them!!

  2. Gosh what a dramatic week!

  3. 😦 😦 Commiserations …

  4. Are you not insured for that kind of thing? When my bathroom leaked into my kitchen ceiling and brought down a large hole, we had to do the cleaning but they came and fixed it, by putting up a whole new ceiling. It was very messy but looked good when it was done.

    • Yes, we expect that our insurance will cover repairs. (We did need to put a temporary patch on the hole right away because we were left with nothing but bare rafters between the bedroom and the roof of the house.) But – you’ve been through it, so you know this too 😉 – the cleanup is a real pain, and it’s always an inconvenient surprise. Oh well, that problem seems to be under control now.

  5. Ouch. A very painful experience. No injuries to persons incurred, but painful none the less. I hope you can recover with ease. I dread to think of anything happening to our roof. Our attic is full to the gunnels – if you see what I mean.

    • Thanks for the sympathy! Things are under control for the moment while we hunt for a contractor to repair the ceiling and haggle with our insurance about who’s paying how much for what. Good point about well-loaded attics – fortunately, we don’t store anything in that part of ours. You definitely don’t want to add water to a place that’s already full to the gunnels, do you?

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