Weekly photo challenge: Dreaming

This week, the topic for the Weekly Photo Challenge is dreaming. I dream about various things – but this is the one that caught my attention today.

Once, people lived here in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.

Once, this was the floor of somebody’s entrance hall in Ephesus.

Once, this was someone’s private garden in Pompeii.

Once, these were all new and ordinary, as much a part of daily life as my front door. Sometimes I dream about what it could have been like to be among the people who lived with these ancient things, and never thought of them as ancient.

8 responses to “Weekly photo challenge: Dreaming

  1. Fascinating, yes I wonder how it would have been as well.

    • Uncomfortable by our standards, I’m sure, but still interestingly different. (And yet people are people, anywhere and anytime, so in many ways it would be the same.)

  2. vastlycurious

    I didn’t want to leave Pompeii…..

  3. Have you been to Ostia, near Rome? A visit there gave me the same feelings.

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