Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge, take 2

You know, I would feel very indulged if I could spend time every day looking at sights like this…or this…or this.

Maybe, come spring, I should spend some time (well. A lot of time.) tweaking my little corner of the planet so that anyone who wanders past can feel similarly refreshed.

(Oh, yes, I am definitely going to the Philadelphia Flower Show – just the other side of the Delaware River – week after next…)

13 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge, take 2

  1. Spring is just sort of starting here. Some plants are getting flowers on ….but it is a bit early.

    • Oh, yes, it’s too early for flowers here too, except for crocuses – they normally bloom with snow surrounding them. Our daffodils came up in late January, two months early, this year, and have flower buds already, but that isn’t normal. As for the photos in this post, the top two were taken in April 2006, and the last one dates from May 2007 – but it was taken in Virginia, far enough south of where I live to make things bloom about a month before they would here in New Jersey.

  2. Spring is around the corner and then warmth..;) nice pictures

  3. Mild winter in the Carolinas, but I can’t wait for Spring. Too much wind and rainy days for me. Tough as a runner.

  4. oh how nice it is to see blooming flowers everyday 🙂

  5. Maybe you will get me out to take some more photos

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