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Happy Easter

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(A belated and close-to-home response to last week’s Where’s My Backpack travel theme.)

Three months now, and its been so cold.
So much cold. We’re tired of cold.
Spring should come soon, or so we’re told
But it’s still cold. We’re tired of cold.
But maybe there’s hope, at last, today.
Flowers are a good sign, they say,
Though crocuses bloom even when it’s cold.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Rule of Thirds

Oddly, the photo I have on hand that works best for this week’s Photo Challenge looks something like the example…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWildflower, Glacier Park, July of 2014


Tired of Winter?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of shivering and wondering how icy the world might be tomorrow. I want some spring flowers. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait weeks and weeks before any of 2015’s flowers dare to show themselves. (And when they do arrive, we’ll have pollen allergies to cope with.)

So here’s the next best thing: an assortment of flowers from other years and other places. With no pollen. Enjoy.


Wordless Wednesday – December 10, 2014


Flowers, and names

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s a picture of Queen Anne’s Lace and bluetop.

Or is it a picture of wild carrot (if you manage to break those tough, wiry flower stems, they do smell a bit like carrots) and wild aster? I grew up using the first pair of names, but I know some people prefer the others. Then there’s the question of how many other languages have their own names for these flowers…

The world is so full of a number of things, and even fuller of names. Luckily, the wildflowers don’t seem to care.


Wordless Wednesday – September 3, 2014


Lots and lots of nature

We spent most of a day on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula exploring Seney Wildlife Refuge  – acres and acres of forests and lakes and trails. There are flowers

and birds

and butterflies

and I took dozens of pictures of all of them. But I have to admit I didn’t photograph the most common wildlife – I was too busy swatting it. Yes, the refuge is full of mosquitoes.

It’s a beautiful place anyway.


Wordless Watery Wednesday – July 30, 2014


Two helpful tips on what not to do with your blog

So, a little over a month ago I posted a few pictures of flower buds and challenged people to guess what they would turn out to be when they opened.

Oops. It didn’t turn out as planned. So, now that I’ve goofed big-time, I think I’ll set myself up as a blogging expert and tell the rest of you what to avoid. Ahem.

1)   If you have a two-part post in mind, make sure you have both parts ready before you publish the first one. Otherwise, well, you might find yourself with a pair of pictures like these:

(Yes, that’s the same flower. Really. The only difference is a week or two of time passing.)

2)   Oh, and you might want to avoid publishing Part One and then vanishing for a month.

So, with apologies, here’s the followup to my June 1 post.

And the teaser – no, it’s not a rosebud.

If you look at the backgrounds, you can see that the leaves are the same shape for this red peony bud as for the pink peony buds. The main difference? That red coloring shows up in the stalks as well as the flowers.