(A belated and close-to-home response to last week’s Where’s My Backpack travel theme.)

Three months now, and its been so cold.
So much cold. We’re tired of cold.
Spring should come soon, or so we’re told
But it’s still cold. We’re tired of cold.
But maybe there’s hope, at last, today.
Flowers are a good sign, they say,
Though crocuses bloom even when it’s cold.

2 responses to “Spring?

  1. A deeply felt verse … still cold here too, though probably not as chilly as you, and how one longs to take a few gloves and hats and layers off!

    • Yes – it would be SO nice to give up just one layer of winter clothes! Meanwhile, we shivered through yesterday’s Palm Sunday procession in below-freezing weather, and this morning it’s sleeting.

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