My three-word process

Something new here (though not new to a large group of experienced Trifectans!) – this week’s Trifextra. (What’s a Trifextra? Well, presents two writing opportunities each week: the weekday challenge, asking you to write 33 to 333 words based on a one-word prompt, and the weekend Trifextra – where the only certainty is that the number 3 will be involved somehow.) This week(end), the Trifextra asks us to describe our writing process in only three words.

SnarledSo what’s my process?

Untangling snarled string.

(Thank you to Rarasaur for nudging me to respond, at last, to one of the Trifecta challenges!)

14 responses to “My three-word process

  1. Did you link up, too? I just did the rounds and don’t think I saw you… but I could’ve missed it…

  2. you must have kitties πŸ™‚ Great words.

  3. Glad you responded to this challenge! Welcome aboard. Your words were terrific!

  4. Oh I like this one.

  5. What a great, unique take on the three words. Thank you for linking up!

  6. Oh, if only it would untangle itself!!!
    Love this.

  7. Those are a wonderful three words – can really relate to them as the writing process. πŸ™‚

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