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Friday Fictioneers: Hot Day

Friday Fictioneers again! And the Internet blossoms with another crop of 100 word (more or less) stories based on the latest photo prompt chosen by the one and only Rochelle Wisoff-Fields…please let me know what you think of mine:

anelephantcantHot Day

Lazy summer Saturday, friends relaxing at the cafe.

“That bike’s been here hours. Wonder where the owner got to?”

“It’s too hot to bike. Maybe they took a taxi.”

“Nah. An ambulance. Heatstroke.”

“No, a bike messenger rode it here, and got a call to deliver something way across town, so he quit on the spot.”

“No. The girl that owns it? She met Prince Charming, and he carried her off on his white horse.”

“His white Ferrari. With air.”

A waiter shed his apron, unlocked the bike, and rode away. “Well, that’s boring.”

“Yeah. See, that’s not really a bike. It’s an alien in disguise. That poor guy’s being abducted.”

“No, what’s really happening…”