Friday Fictioneers: The View

Friday, and the Fictioneers; about 100 words inspired by the photo below. (I know, I know. But this story started out at almost two hundred words; 130 is a lot of trimming.)

Of course, every person who looks at this week’s picture will take something different from it. You don’t want to settle for just my version when you can find links to all the other stories at Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ site. Check out what all the other Fictioneers came up with – but first, please tell me what you think of my story.

dining-roomThe View

The wall of gray blocks; the grayish tan blocks of the neighboring building. Charcoal gray flagstones paving the courtyard, stripes of pale sand marking their junctions. But the light would go soon.

Quickly, neatly, he stacked the dishes, carried them out of harm’s way, set up the easel. Time blurred like the paint sweeping over the canvas. Noise, a doorbell, brought time back.

At the door? Ella, her husband, a strange girl. Pretty. He grinned at the girl, studying the colors of her face, her hair. Ella pushed past him. “Some host you are,” she said. She turned to the stranger. “I warned you how my brother is. He can paint, though. And he can pay to take us to a restaurant. Once he finds a shirt that he hasn’t wiped brushes on.”

29 responses to “Friday Fictioneers: The View

  1. Oooh, I like this! I think you really captured his unique way of seeing the world, like an outsider, but in glorious color.

  2. You were quick to have he tableware whisked out of the picture!  But yeah, a painter has only enough time to capture the view…

    • Once I decided why he was staring out the window, he had to either wreck the tableware or move it – it’s not as if he could say “Oh, I’ll paint this scene tomorrow”! And I decided that anyone who owned nice things like that must be in the habit of protecting them when they were getting in the way.

  3. He’ll sacrifice everything for his art… beware. Nice one!

  4. This is a scenario familiar to all artists of all kinds, including myself. The offence I have caused … The varied uses being made of that dining table is proving to be fascinating.

  5. The absorbed and singular interest of an artist is portrayed well here, Sharon. Good job.


  6. I agree with so many of the previous comments. You have captured the soul of the artist very nicely indeed.

  7. Dear Sharon,

    Artists do see the world a little differently than most, don’t they?



  8. Very nice! But I think he should wear one of the shirts with paint on it and start a fad. 😀

    • Well, maybe, but that dry paint gets so stiff – not the best look for a date 😉


      • Oh, she is his date! I thought he was going to paint her LOL! Yes, it would be the wrong attire for a date.

      • Yes – his sister is trying to find him a girlfriend. The plan was for all four of them to have dinner at his apartment, but he cleared off the table (and heaven knows what’s happened to the food while he was painting), so they’ll go out to a restaurant instead. Will the girl ever agree to be in the same room with him after this evening? Ah, that’s the big question; I suppose it depends on how things go while they eat…

      • Oh, I think they have a “rough” start at the first, but then he asks if he can paint her. While he is painting her, they fall in love. After their courtship, they get married.. and well, the rest is history! 😀

  9. Very nice piece. i sensed the artist’s eye right from the beginning of your story. I just wasn’t sure if it was a drawing artist’s eye or a writing artist’s eye.

    Probably both. – yours and his.


  10. Lovely. Captures the absorption and intensity of the artist MC so well.

  11. The sheer dedication and exclusion of others is well captured here. Well done.

  12. Dear Sharon, Great story which I enjoyed a lot! Thanks! Nan 🙂

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