Wordless Wednesday – December 17, 2014


Tired tanka

You shouldn’t notice
Where your bones run. Muscles ache,
Shoulders, elbows, wrists.
Fingers, not to be trusted.
And yet more work still to do.


Wordless Wednesday – December 10, 2014


Friday Fictioneers – Flowers

Friday Fictioneers on Sunday! Check out other stories about this picture over at our fearless leader Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ site.

But first, please tell me what you think of my attempt. Thank you!


I enjoy being a tour guide here. Such a beautiful house, and such good stories.

There’s one yarn I’ve never believed. They say years ago, old Mr. Vanzelder – the one that left the place to the Foundation – was crazy in love with the chauffeur’s daughter. They were both teenagers then, and their parents pried them apart. The last time they saw each other, he swore he’d grow her the perfect rose, and she swore she’d come back when he did.

He went from rich to richer selling roses, but she never came back. Now the greenhouse is a wreck, and the gardens – excuse me.

Ma’am, what’s wrong? There, there, don’t cry like that. You’re her granddaughter? Can you take care of her?

November Haiku

BareTreesDays grow short, shorter.
Air chills with lengthening night.
Leaves? They’ve all fallen.


Wordless Wednesday – Dec. 3 2014


Just Saying

(Occasional expert advice on how to be thoroughly disorganized.)

Are you doing laundry today? Do you expect to do laundry some time in your life? Here’s why the truly disorganized person should never check pants pockets:

Because it’s so much fun to find scraps of Kleenex stuck all over everything.

Because it’s even more fun finding that a cough drop (the one that was in the same pocket as that Kleenex) has unwrapped itself and glued itself to a sock.

Two guesses how I know this. Come on, nobody needs three.