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Photo Challenge – Signs

And today, we return to the WordPress Photo Challenge with a sign. And a horse, who might just be laughing.

SignEquineActivitiesYou say the sign is phrased a little strangely? True. I believe the point is something like “If you arrange to ride this horse and fall off, or get bitten, or stepped on, or experience any other equine activity that you don’t enjoy, don’t even think about suing us!” Anyway, it amuses me that the sign is about half as tall as the horse – whoever put it up wants to be sure you don’t miss it.

Merry Christmas!

And for the first day of Christmas as well as this week’s WordPress photo challenge, here’s a photo of “one” –

OneOutdoorChristmasTreeOne outdoor Christmas tree 😀

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

Surprisingly, this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge theme is “unexpected”.

Unexpected300StIf you were rolling north from Seattle on the Interstate, with nothing to see on either side of the highway but towering evergreens, would you expect an exit for “300th Street”? We sure didn’t, so I took a picture of the sign.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

This time, the Weekly Photo Challenge asks for pictures of “layers”.

LayersKrkaFallsHere we are – water rushing and foaming over layers of rock at Krka Falls in Croatia.

Weekly photo challenge: Habit

(This week, the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge asks us to share our everyday life.)

I’ve been told that magic unicorns exist.

I’ve been told that if I blow out all the candles on my birthday cake in one breath, my wishes will come true.

I’ve been told that there are people who start their days bright eyed, enthusiastic and alert.

Coffeecup1Personally, I find that it takes a while to ease into being fully conscious. I don’t plummet into my day with a cannonball dive and squeals of delight. I sneak up on it with nice black coffee.

Some days, I even manage to fill the cup without dripping any on the counter.

Coffeecup2Drinking that first cup isn’t an experience to rush into either. When you aren’t very alert, it’s much too easy to burn your tongue. But at last the level approaches the bottom of the cup, my eyes focus, and I can start to imagine staying vertical for the next sixteen or seventeen or eighteen hours. It’s just a habit.

(By the way – this pair of photos really was a bit of a challenge. My point-and-shoot camera is too good at taking care of things for me; I had to try several times to get a nicely blurred picture of my refilled coffee cup. Yes, the first picture is staged – oh, the shame 😦 )

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

This week, WordPress is asking for “inside” photos – and you can’t get much farther inside than a cave…

InsideLincolnCaverns1A couple of months ago, we visited Lincoln Caverns in western Pennsylvania.

InsideLincolnCaverns2There are unlikely sights inside the solid-looking earth under our feet.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual POV

Let’s see what I can find for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge topic – “an unusual point of view.” Ah yes…the Isle of Capri.

POVContextAug04Capri2Now this first photo – this is not an unusual point of view; it’s only here to set the scene. Ignore the people. Never mind the buildings. Don’t look at the flowers. Just notice the cliffs in the background. They’re pretty high, aren’t they?

POVAug04Capri3Here’s my real Weekly Photo Challenge contribution. I took this shot from the top of those cliffs, leaning over the edge and looking straight down, down, down at the water. So very blue.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

This week, the WordPress Photo Challenge wants to know how the sea makes us feel. The truth is, the sea makes me uneasy. I don’t trust it; it’s stronger than I am, and you can’t reason with it.

StormyAegeanOffSantorini2Even more-or-less-inland seas can be dangerous – this is the Aegean Sea (yes, it really is that amazing blue) on a blustery day. The captain decided it was too risky to stop at Santorini, the rocky island not far from the boat that you can just barely see. This is as close as we came – we were told that the waves were washing well over the docks, so even if we had made it into the harbor safely, we couldn’t disembark anyhow.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

This time, the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge asks for pictures symbolizing “escape” – either showing the feeling of being trapped and in need of escape, or showing release and freedom.

PhotoChallengeEscape_GroundsForSculptureTo me, this sculpture looks as if the red-orange shapes are being launched upward to fly freely away.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Philadelphia Patterns

(Actually, I’m not sure whether the “patterns” challenge is still open or not. My computer was unusable for a couple of days, and I’ve barely started to go through my backlog of email. But even if there’s a newer topic by now, at least I can come up with a post on this subject after missing half a week – so here goes.)

I photographed these patterns in Philadelphia last summer, but each of them is only a small piece of the original picture. Can you guess what the real subject was?

Pattern1Pattern 1

Pattern2Pattern 2

Pattern3Pattern 3

Pattern4Pattern 4

And here you are – the uncropped photos:

PatternBusShelterA bus shelter

PatternPhilaApartmentHouseAn apartment building

PatternStMarksLocustStA church door

PatternRittenhouseSquareFountainA fountain in Rittenhouse Square