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100 Day Challenge

UPSwampWhat do you do when you have too much stuff? I’ve got more than I have room for. I’ve been nibbling at the edges of it all for some time without making much progress, even though I’ve come across various ideas for reorganizing and decluttering.

One group of approaches started with the “100 Thing Challenge” – cut down to 100 possessions. More or less. Depending on how you want to define a single possession – for example, apparently some people have decided that all their socks count as just one thing. (Hey, this is easier than I thought! I’ll just call all my books one thing, and all my clothes one more thing, and all my furniture a third thing, and…if I count each of my categories of things as just one item, I’m not sure I have 100 things to start with!)

Then there’s the “Reverse 100 Thing Challenge” – get rid of 100 things in 30 days. It’s a lot harder to bend the rules on this one; if you get rid of ten things on Day 17, or 50 things on Day 23, well, that’s nice – you still need to dispose of something else the following day. I tried this one some time ago, barely made a dent in the Stuff in my house, and forgot about the whole idea until my friend Beverley at My Wonky Life posted that she’s going to start it again to declutter before Christmas.

Good luck, Beverley…meanwhile, I think I need to take a more intense approach. I’ve spent the past year decluttering my late mother’s house, and it’s been an eye opener. Before, I had no idea how much my parents had kept (for decades and decades), all jumbled together, and I want to stop copying them. I need to get my house stripped down as far as my husband and I can stand, and I want to do it right away before I run out of steam.

So here we (get ready to) go – The 100 Day Challenge. The idea is pretty simple to describe: get my house cleared out and thoroughly cleaned in a hundred days, starting January 1.

Why January 1? Not because it’s New Year’s Day. Really. But by the end of December, all the Christmas preparations will be over and on top of that, we should finally be done decluttering and cleaning my mom’s house. With those jobs out of the way, I’ll have enough energy left over to deal with this place. Besides, starting with the new year means I’ll be tackling the worst of the project in January and February, the depths of winter, when I don’t especially want to leave the house more than I can avoid anyhow.