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Traveling to Pink (Travel Theme, March 21 2014)

I went looking for photos of “pink” to illustrate this week’s travel theme from Ailsa. You’d think I would have plenty of local pink pictures – we normally have lots of pink spring flowers here. But the first really good image of pink I found, after searching for quite a while, comes from almost a third of the way around the world.

PinkFlowersKrkaFallsCroatiaJune2010I don’t know what these flowers are. All I can tell you is that I found them at Krka Falls in Croatia, and that they’re extremely pink.

Travel theme: Yellow

Yes, “yellow” is Ailsa’s travel theme of the week. Here we go –

Here we are in the depths (which aren’t all that deep) of Lincoln Caverns, a small cave in western Pennsylvania. When the lights are turned off, the caves are black. Totally black. But with light, you find that the rocks are largely various shades of yellow. And brown.

YellowButterflyGardenA butterfly garden in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. This butterfly is only slightly yellow – more nearly cream, really – but those flowers? Now, that’s yellow.

YellowDayliliesEtcAnd yellow doesn’t get much yellower than these daylilies.

Travel theme: Wood – January 28, 2014

And another of Ailsa’s travel themes!

I took these pictures a little over ten years ago in Canterbury, England. The salvaged wooden sculptures seemed to be meant to gradually return to the earth, so they may be long gone by this time…

(Click on any of the pictures to see the gallery full size.)

Travel theme – Winter

This week’s travel theme? Well, as of this week, it’s officially winter – even though in my part of the world, winter weather started weeks ago, and since yesterday (also known as The First Day Of Winter Arrrgghh), it’s felt pretty much like spring outside.

But when you’re traveling, what “winter” means can change quickly. Here’s a photo from last December 27 –

WinterChristmasWeek2012SouthCentralPennsylvaniaEarly winter, south central Pennsylvania

And a second picture, taken the following day in Williamsburg, Virginia, only a couple of hundred miles (or about 370 kilometers, if you think in metric) further south and nearer the ocean.

WinterChristmasWeek2012WilliamsburgVirginiaA miserably cold rainy day – but not a trace of snow

Travel theme – Still

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is “Still” – in whichever of its many meanings fits your photo!

StillDayWilliamsburg2005Here’s mine – a beautiful day in Williamsburg, Virginia when the air was still and the whole world seemed to be holding its breath.

Travel themes: Short

This week’s theme at Where’s My Backpack is “short”. Ailsa has some great photos of shortness – don’t miss her post! And then, of course, share your own short pictures. But, to keep this from getting too long, here’s my photo:

ShortGreekFlowersNo, I don’t know what these flowers are – only that they grow low to the ground on the Greek island of Corfu.

Travel themes: Delicate

And now for something compleeetely different from my last couple of posts-

This time, Ailsa’s Travel Theme of the week is “delicate”. Is there anything more ornate and delicate than nineteenth century architecture? Probably, but I’m sticking with the architecture, because I want to share a bunch of photos taken when we spent a few days in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania in the summer of 2012.

Travel themes: Multicolored

It’s one of those “go wild” weeks in travel themes 😀 – Ailsa is asking for multicolored photos. My kind of request!

ColorfulBadlandsAug03The Badlands in South Dakota. I’ve seen white sand before. I’ve seen yellow sand. But pink sand, delicately separating white and yellow? That’s what made this picture worth taking.

ColorfulWmsbgFlowers1Then there was this garden in Williamsburg, Virginia – I think the basic idea was “Let’s see how many different shapes and colors we can squeeze into the smallest possible area!” It worked, too.

ColorfulGettysburgHouseGettysburg, Pennsylvania. Famous for battles, not so famous for wild color schemes. But there this house sits, right on a main street, showing off the brightest paint available.

ColorfulTubOYarnAnd this is kind of cheating…I only traveled as far as my basement to open The Stash Tub, stand on tiptoes, and click away. Maybe I should claim this one’s a souvenir of my trip to the Erewhon Islands, where all the sheep grow rainbow colored wool?

Travel theme: (Permanent) Play

This week’s Travel Theme? Play! Don’t miss Ailsa’s photos – she covers pretty much every possible interpretation.

PlayAug03ChicagoStatueHere’s mine – we saw this statue at a lakefront park in Chicago. Was it really ten years ago??

Travel theme: Big

This week, Ailsa’s theme is “big” – don’t miss her pictures of impressively big things! I went in a more metaphorical direction, though…

BigGalileoGalileo. A towering figure in the history of science.
And this is his (fairly large) tomb, in Santa Croce Basilica in Florence.