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Wordless Wednesday – August 17, 2016


Weekly Photo Challenge – Details

Never mind the big picture. This week’s photo challenge is all about details, so let’s consider the details of what that might mean.

Closeup of flowersSome pictures take a superclose look at something that was already small.

Young quail crossing gravel trail, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, July 2014Others zoom in to consider part of a picture, like this bright-eyed fledgling quail who’s small enough to hold in the palm of your hand. Yes, we’re looking at the entire bird…but it’s a small detail cropped out of a larger picture. Oops, I guess we’re back to the big (and not very interesting) picture after all.


This week’s Photo Challenge asks us for a single photo containing opposites, and this one – taken about ten years ago in Williamsburg, Virginia – is full of them.


There’s the past and the present, of course; the eighteenth century meets the twenty-first. But not really; there’s also fact and fiction, since the colonial-era uniform is a reconstruction, as modern as the little boy’s stroller. And then, the child is perfectly serious about what he’s doing, while the man is engaging in a kind of playacting – but it’s serious make-believe; it’s what he does for a living, and it’s meant to be as close to real as modern historians can make it.

It’s enough to make me dizzy, so dizzy I’ll try to spin in opposite directions at the same time.


Wordless Merry Christmas


Ah, the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. This week, they’re requesting that we go completely over the top with the most ornate picture we can find…

ChineseFriendshipGatePhiladelphiaAnd here we are: the Chinese Friendship Gate at 10th and Arch Streets in Philadelphia.

It’s definitely ornate; but it’s hard to grasp how complex the patterns are unless you concentrate

ChineseGateDetail02on a few

ChineseGateDetail01areas of



Wordless Mountain Wednesday

Approaching the Rocky Mountains

Watching the battlefield

OldWavyGlassAntietamShielded from the world –
so strangely squiggly – we’re safe,
screened by solid glass.

(This is – at last – Day 5 of Five Photos, Five Stories. And at the same time, it’s Day 1 of Poetry 201; an alliterative haiku. Also, as asked, it has the word “screen” shoehorned within the syllables.

And, oh yes, about the title for the post: this photo was taken through the wavy old glass of a window that looks out over the site of the Battle of Antietam. On one bad day a bit over a century and a half ago, this wasn’t a screened, shielded, safe place at all.)


Surprises everywhere (5 Photos, 5 Stories – Day 3)

TrikeRearViewJust an ordinary day and an ordinary trip for groceries. And there it was.

TrikeLicensePlateThe state of New Jersey thinks it’s a motorcycle…

TrikeFrontView…but I say it’s a tricycle. Either that, or a Transformer.

Pilgrims (Five Photos, Five Stories – Day 2)

pilgrims03A short night in sleeping bags on the floors all over an unfamiliar building. A cloudy morning. They don’t care – they’re off to see the Pope!

(Pope Francis spent this past weekend in Philadelphia, just across the river. Saturday night, my church provided midnight cookies, sleeping bag space, and a pancake breakfast for about 150 pilgrims; I’m told the Lutherans put up about 75 more from the same group. Very nice people, very happy, mostly young – which was just as well, because they were going to hike about halfway across Philly to get to the Papal Mass that they were looking forward to.)


Wordless Wednesday, September 23, 2015